Friday, November 11, 2016

New restaurant McKinney Roe in east downtown (East Town) Minneapolis

No plans for a Friday night meant time to check out East Town's newest restaurant, McKinney Roe. I've lived in East Town for the past five years and it has been a food and drink desert the entire time. The closest bars / restaurants to my condo up until this point were Dan Kelly's, Crooked Pint and the Hyatt Place hotel bar, god forbid.  McKinney Roe is the first bar and restaurant to put down roots east of third avenue and commit to a really great menu and atmosphere.

Gotta say. Pretty damn impressed. I just caught happy hour and I was able to try these amazing chicken skewers that were the equivalent of friggin' fried, Krispy Cream doughnuts.  Next up, the Big Stag burger; Perfectly cooked on a pretzel bun with a side of fries (served in their wire frying basket, no less). Everything was served up by some really excellent servers and bar tenders including, Andie, the manager on duty who made a point to check on everyone.

The Big Stag Burger at McKinney Roe in East Town Minneapolis.

One thing that makes or breaks a bar for me is the seat to bar height ratio. I like my bar seat to be a certain height and my bar to be a certain height. And I don't want to have to lean forward an entire foot over a bar rail to reach my food. This place got the bar stool to bar height ratio perfectly. It may be one of the only places in town, next to Seven, to do so.

The place had a really quality build out done. Four million bucks got them some pretty well done lighting and seating layouts, a carved rosewood bar and a sweet spiral staircase that leads up to a wine vault with a glass floor.

We took the skyway home, because we finally could, via the new Wells Fargo building on Fourth Street and Portland Avenue and we came across a really cool little hidden gem. On the skyway level, Wells Fargo wallpapered ten foot by twenty foot aerial images of Minneapolis from the 1800s, the twenties, the thirties and the fifties. We spent fifteen minutes locating our own condo and every other landmark in Minneapolis.

Aerial view of Minneapolis, Minnesota in the 1950's

My advise; Get to know the booming East Town. Venture out of the North Loop in a $5 Uber and check out McKinny Roe.

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